Eyenurse – The startup that take care of your eyes and their dryness issues – INTERVIEW

For this interview we decided to visit the Beijing startup Eyenurse. This name might not be familiar to you, but it is well known by their 1.6 million users base that you can translate by 1.6 million products sold. It is also well ranked on both app stores: Apple Appstore and Google Play. We knew that even before going to visit their office, but we were seeking more and wanted to know what is this product which seems to be so famous.

Eyenurse is a unique product, since I met them, I use it almost every day and I really feel the difference.
Wang yun

Our first curiosity was simple: What is the purpose of this stick?

After few questions and few clarifications given, it looks like this little stick can create big impacts. As its name is suggesting, a nurse for your eyes. It will help your eyes relieve tiredness and also prevent its deterioration.
By vibrating and heating, the Eyenurse will allow you to work on 2 aspects of your eyes:

  • The dryness which is responsible, on the long term, to lesions on the cornea. Cornea that protect your eyes from dust, germs and harmful UV. And if it gets weaker and weaker, you’ll have more and more sight-related problems.
  • The tiredness that could be caused by reading, driving or writing. It can result in big fatigues and also in sight deterioration. Blurred images and tiredness will come as your brain focus on a static task.

A day using the eye nurse only on right eye

How to use it?

You maybe never felt that your eyes were endangered but they are. Fortunately, Eyenurse is here for you. Using the vibrating and heating stick, you will give yourself an eye massage and the linked app will help you determine the health index of your eyes. It is as simple as that, take the Eyenurse in your hand, apply a light pressure on your skin around your eye and move around. Anyway, you can count on the app to tell you exactly what to do and how long. Here is a demo video:

The app is currently only in Chinese, but will be available in English quite soon, then followed by other languages.

The tool couldn’t be complete without a data gathering solution. And so, by getting some data like the tightness of your muscles and your eyes’ dryness, the app will give you some recommendations to improve your health. Every day they will guide you to create good habits and to handle your eyes’ issues. Isn’t it generous?

By combining innovative technologies and expertise our goal is to preserve your eyes.
CEO Eyenurse

A generous package to take care of yourself

Of course, it has a price but a reasonable one approximately 78$. By paying this price you will receive the vibrating device but not only, the app also contains some free courses in order to help you work on some different parts of your eyes. These exercises are made-up ones, the company didn’t develop them. They are actually working with a lot of eye clinics in China, in which we can find the best eye specialist in the country. Furthermore, they give you access to online doctors to answer your questions in case you need it. And guess what? It’s also free. In other words, do not worry your eyes are in good hands.

A Promising Startup

If we look closer at the company, we can see the beginning of a success story. Hospitals in China but also in the US recognized the product as innovative and useful. They even provided institutions with their product to help patients recover but also to help them keep good habits.

The growing usage of computers and electronics screens which affect our eyes in our everyday life makes the market and the need for this product only bigger.

To conclude, let’s ask you a simple question: do you care about your eyes?
If yes, join the movement and take a look at what Eyenurse is doing, the best solution for your eyes issues might be made by a company full of hope and ambition. With a sweet mix of prevention and reparation it can save you from a ton of future problems. Eyenurse want to take care of your eyes.

To get all the details and spec, you can go directly on their website.

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